CAMPUS 101: How to Create Playlists


Campus (Trailer), , provided by a National Film Board of Canada

Are we a CAMPUS subscriber though haven’t attempted all a collection accessible to you? Are we an teacher meditative about a CAMPUS subscription and wondering how you’d benefit? Whichever difficulty we tumble into, we’ve put together this accessible small beam to uncover we all CAMPUS has to offer. Specifically, we’ll be looking during how to emanate playlists with a titles.

What can CAMPUS do for me?

YouTube is filled with calm and a NFB already has a estimable giveaway offering, so because worry with a CAMPUS account? CAMPUS offers 6 graphic resources that will accelerate your doctrine skeleton and rivet your students in active learning. They are:

  • Customizable playlists You can emanate your possess preference of films, grouped together by whatever thesis we choose. You’re means to write your possess descriptions for a films, giving them all a context compulsory to fit your preferred training objectives.
  • Chapters Our chaptering apparatus allows we to emanate excerpts from a films we have online. This is useful when we usually need one or dual scenes. All chapters can be given particular descriptions and combined to playlists.
  • Shareable content All of a playlists and chapters that we emanate regulating CAMPUS can be common with your students, so that they can be accessed anywhere, during any time.
  • Interactive productions In further to a immeasurable library of films, you’ll also have entrance to a finish apartment of interactive projects, that concede for some-more hands-on learning.
  • Pedagogical descriptions All of a films in a CAMPUS collection come with a brief outline and prompts for classroom use, along with aim theme areas and age levels. We have a group of educators who weigh a calm and yield information on how to get a many of out of a material.
  • Learning bundles Exactly as they sound, a training bundles enclose a abounding preference of resources alongside a films to turn out a doctrine plan. These resources embody credentials information, contention questions, classroom activities, articles, clips, and other collection supposing by us or a partners. No some-more need to scour a Internet – we’ve already finished it for you!

Creating your possess playlist

Creating playlists allows we to classify your calm however we wish it. It also allows we to confederate films simply into your doctrine plan.  You get to select a method for your films and clips, so they’ll always be noticed in a same sequence, no matter how many students and colleagues we share them with.

Creating a playlist is easy. Once you’ve comparison a film we wish to include, simply click a “Add to Your Playlist” symbol underneath a video player.

At this point, we can possibly supplement a film to an existent playlist (using a dropdown menu on a left) or emanate a new playlist wholly (using a couple on a right). Simply follow a prompts.

A acknowledgment window appears once you’ve finished a required steps.

This is a page where we can supplement a customized outline for your film, playlist name, or chapter. You can supplement information about a film, and any useful information that provides context.

You can watch your playlist by clicking a Play symbol or share it with colleagues and students by regulating a couple supposing on a top right dilemma of a My Playlists page.

For some-more information on how to emanate playlists, we can watch a video tutorial.

Questions? Comments?

If we have any questions or comments about any of a CAMPUS features, greatfully feel giveaway to leave a criticism below.


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