Captain Marvel May Have Teased The Next Big Bad Of The MCU


Thanos might now be a many absolute being in a MCU, nonetheless he’s also flattering apparently cursed to failure, saying how a arriving Avengers: Endgame will fundamentally see Earth’s Mightiest Heroes emerge triumphant. But once a Mad Titan is out of a picture, a cinematic star will expected be in need a new vast bad to expostulate a overarching account of Marvel’s subsequent integrate of phases. That’s where this new speculation from comes in, that contains a few spoilers for a new Captain Marvel.

In new months, Marvel Studios has done their intentions flattering transparent to place Carol Danvers during a forefront of a MCU relocating forward. It would therefore be usually wise if a subsequent major, multi-movie hazard was teased in her solo debut, and it only so happens that one sold impression has a intensity to means a lot of difficulty for Carol and her associate superheroes.

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We are referring to a Supreme Intelligence, who stays an rivalry during vast by a finish of Captain Marvel. Though a ruler of a Kree Empire seems mostly endangered with wiping out a Skrulls in a new film, observes how a knave has larger ambitions in a comics, most of them involving involving evolutionary enrichment and genetic experimentation.

It’s an engaging idea, nonetheless we’ve nonetheless to see most justification that a Supreme Intelligence will be a hazard on a same turn as Thanos. In fact, with Kevin Feige recently hinting that Captain Marvel 2 may be another duration film that picks adult where a initial film left off, there’s a graphic probability that a Intelligence will be a impression whose stress is mostly relegated to Carol’s solo adventures. Regardless, only as Thanos done his MCU entrance during a finish of The Avengers, maybe Avengers: Endgame can offer a provoke of his inheritor when it comes out on Apr 26th.


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