Cher reveals Sonny Bono told her she wasn't 'particularly attractive' when they initial met


Cher is a star of Marc Jacobs’ new ad, and a media seems to consider she looks good … for her age.

Cher’s iconic attribute with Sonny Bono did not get off on a right foot.

The Grammy- and Academy Award-winning thespian and actress, 72, suggested that her ex-husband was, in fact, meddlesome in her crony when they initial crossed paths during a party. She talked about it during a SiriusXM special, “The Cher Show: Making a Musical,” that is set to recover Dec. 1.

“I was with my girlfriend, who was unequivocally beautiful. He favourite her, so he didn’t unequivocally contend anything to me. He was like, ‘Oh, yeah, kid,'” Cher pronounced in a shave performed by People, where a “Goddess of Pop” chats with producer Jeffrey Seller about her arriving Broadway musical, “The Cher Show.”

The twin finished adult dancing a night divided with any other since “neither one of a partners danced.” As predestine would have it, Cher says Bono “moved in subsequent doorway to a apartment” a day later, around a same time she was looking for a place to stay.

“I only went adult and said, ‘Hi, listen, I’m going to have to pierce out of a unit ’cause I’m sick. we don’t have any money. I don’t wish to go home. I only wish to get out and do things and we don’t know what I’m going to do, though we don’t have anyplace to live and blah blah blah,'” Cher recalled.

Bono’s reply? “Can we prepare and clean?” Cher pronounced he let her in notwithstanding her revelation a white lie about a “cooking part.”

“He said, ‘OK. we have twin beds. You can stay in my house. we don’t find we quite attractive,'” Cher remembered Bono revelation her. “And we said, ‘OK.’ And we didn’t cook, though he did.”

And a rest is history. The integrate shaped a iconic singing duo Sonny Cher, formulating hits like “Baby Don’t Go” and “I Got You Babe.” They tied the tangle in 1964, divorced in 1975 and share one child — Chaz, 49. Bono died in 1998 following a skiing accident.

The iconic duo’s initial confront will be enclosed in Cher’s biopic Broadway musical, that is set to entrance Dec. 3.


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