NO HOME MOVIE: In Warm Memory of Chantal Akerman (1950-2015)


Akerman’s hunt for images that paint nothing, and meant zero else (except maybe themselves – and even this is formidable enough) while she focuses her camera on watching a trivia of women’s lives, is voiced in a initial instance by her style: distant, clean, sober, looking during a picture outward of a image. Rootless, isolated images. Images in a Diaspora. Is it probable to lapse home, to where a picture can exist, outward of a commandment? Is such an picture even possible? (Dana Linssen on Akerman’s filmmaking)

Despite their apparent simplicity, Akerman’s positive framing and narrative, built out of blocks of genuine time intercut by radical ellipses, are not simply replicated. Rather, a film’s impact is indirectly clear in a presentation of a new phenomenological sensibility and proceed to regard and a weight of time… (Ivonne Margulies on Jeanne Dielman, 23, quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles)

Unbelievable, intolerable news, though usually confirmed by Libération.

Chantal Akerman has died.

Links to online, openly permitted studies of her work and to tributes to it will continue to be combined subsequent in a subsequent days (as they will, undoubtedly, during KeyFrame Daily | Fandor, and elswehere). It’s a usually approach that Film Studies For Free can routine this news…. Incroyable….

By / With Chantal Akerman

Interview with Chantal Akerman, available Nov 2013. By Ricky D’Ambrose

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    • Chantal Akerman Film Director “Crossing Cinematic Borders”

    Studies of Ackerman’s work

    • ADDED Senses of Cinema special reverence dossier (December 2015):  Chantal Akerman: La Passion de L’Intime / An Intimate Passion

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    Tributes to Akerman

    • By David Hudson at Keyframe Daily | Fandor
    • Miriam Bale, “Five Lessons from Ten Great Filmmakers: Chantal Akerman’, Fandor, Oct 5, 2012


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