Teaching Global Connections with Highrise and Universe Within


This is a guest post created by Merrianne Couture, who now teaches English Literature during Dawson College in Montreal, QC. She has been training for over 20 years and spasmodic offers “The City” thesis march as a means to inspect issues per to amicable justice, equivalence and sustainability. Research interests embody contemporary literatures, food, autobiography, memoir, comics and civic development.

Urban realities and tellurian pedagogies: The city as metaphor

If you’re like me, and we live in Canada, we substantially live in an civic environment: 80 percent of us do. In fact, globally speaking, some-more than 1 billion people live in civic highrises. As city populations grew, buildings grown plumb to accommodate these stretched vital needs. The NFB and executive Katerina Cizek move some of these stories together in a array of short, interactive, multi-platform digital presentations. Teachers can use a three-minute clips, set in tellurian communities, to raise pedagogy for both organisation and eccentric study. we have found that this digital plan provides an vicious vicious context for amicable studies in a classroom.

Highrise in a classroom: A horizon for learning

Throughout a 20th century all over a world, a highrise emerged as a widespread straight structure to residence flourishing populations. Later came a digital revolution, and many of these highrise buildings became sites of resistance, creation and amicable development. However, they were also sites of inequality, misery and category separation. As tellurian connectors and social-justice recognition develop, a highrise is also apropos a executive means of training about a universe around us. Studying a design and a inhabitants is a healthy proceed toward tellurian understanding. Highrise is a multi-platform plan that can be used in a classroom to rivet students in finding social, geographic and mercantile issues while also building media and investigate literacies.

A Short History of a Highrise, Part One: Mud, Katerina Cizek, provided by a National Film Board of Canada

Educational support for tellurian connectors and Universe Within

I have found that a plan engages students effectively since a stories are personal and real. The investigate beam provides a horizon to rise classroom activities regulating any of a three-minute video guides. In any of a micro-stories, socio-political realities are presented around a backdrop of these densely populated buildings. The 20th century arrives with a tellurian race explosion, and a responses to easy this expansion are not always estimable or sustainable. In many ways, a hurdles of a particular stories represented in a Universe Within plan counterpart a tellurian concerns of amicable and sourroundings justice. From Ottawa to Accra, and Tokyo to New York City, students can actively rivet with cultures and ideas presented by Universe Within. Teachers can simply adjust a investigate beam to foster identified training objectives in several areas: amicable studies, geography, informative studies, history, media literacy, vicious thinking, reading, essay and investigate skills. The interactive inlet of a plan promotes effective learning, that can be blending for outcome, age and category level.

Universe Within Study Guide

The investigate beam provides pedagogical opportunities that can be blending for both particular and organisation work opposite a accumulation of category levels. Discussion questions, eccentric investigate work and digital resources prominence a interactive inlet of a platform. Class contention on ethics, privacy, sexuality, notice and family kindle mixed training objectives.

The Canadian context and Universe Within in a classroom

In training civic issues, we start with a internal context and have students work together to investigate issues impending to their communities. From this, a march expands to elaborate on tellurian connectors and how we consider we know a world. As students learn about Canadian contexts, they also start to rise a critical-skills set essential to expanding investigate of formidable tellurian connections. Teachers can also foster media-literacy skills to strengthen these research, essay and critical-thinking skills. The plan highlights some of a hurdles of vital in an civic context.

You competence start civic explorations with a story set in both Ottawa and St. John’s, NL. Cathy lives on her farming ability outward St. John’s, though uses Wi-Fi-enhanced notice to keep tabs on her aging mother, who lives exclusively in Ottawa. The film explores a purpose of record as a caretaking tool, though also brings to mind a incomparable questions of privacy, ethics and a caretaking obligations of family, generally in light of Canadian realities, that competence see evident families vital some stretch from one another.

Universe Within – Ottawa, Katerina Cizek, provided by a National Film Board of Canada

As students work with these digital materials, they lower their bargain of digital implications. we mostly underline amicable media in my classes as a apparatus to rivet students. The interactive inlet of Universe Within and a importance on particular stories illustrates how these communication platforms can also be collection of amicable probity in other contexts. The arrogance might be that both highrise vital and Internet record diminution a joined clarity of community, though these stories illustrate some of a lenient possibilities of straight living. Subject areas as different as tellurian rights, eremite use and even online matrimony raise media and investigate literacies. Canada is home to different cultures, practices and attitudes.

Teachers can cgange a materials to achieve pedagogical objectives impending to category levels (7–12).

More tellurian connectors in a digital world: Universe Within

Effective training in my classroom means that students are means to get over their possess vital situations toward usurpation different views and tellurian realities. As mentioned, several of a segments of Universe Within provide students with a means of training about general issues and a impact of Internet technology. Most of my students have never famous a universe but a digital connection, and we like to support a classroom knowledge with petrify examples to illustrate how civic areas have blending record to specific contexts. In a featured story from Guangzhou, China’s third-largest city, viewers accommodate Ling, who lives in a highrise unit with her parents. She has organised a “mock marriage” (via a Internet) to a happy male so that her relatives do not learn of her lesbian identity.

Universe Within – Guangzhou, Katerina Cizek, provided by a National Film Board of Canada

Ling’s story highlights a vicious infirm practice of one immature chairman who uses a Internet to navigate a opening between family expectations and particular needs within an civic framework. Educators can use this element to rise investigate and vicious meditative and rivet students in these and other equally formidable ideas. Stories like this yield educators with a substructure for effective lessons that foster student-oriented contention and ability development. My proceed to civic studies in a classroom context has been to rise materials that rivet students effectively. Whether in conversation, organisation work or created educational research, a horizon of creation tellurian connectors in a classroom mostly hurdles assumptions per technology, enlightenment and civic life. This plea is executive for a incomparable functions of building estimable and tolerable models of living, one category during a time.


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